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You’re invited to the Netherlands!

Aug 27, 2019 | Information, News

Our current EEMA President Jakob Volther and Vice President Lucien Perlitius invite you to attend the EEMA 2020 conference in the Netherlands. 

The conference theme is EMPOWER YOUTH. Empowerment enhances two sides. The Yin and the Yang. Empower young people to participate in the youth exchange program and Empower clubs and districts to increase participation.

To grow we must increase the number of clubs and districts to participate in the program. We have to send out a strong message to the clubs and districts that do not participate in the youth exchange program yet WHY this program is so important.

Paul Harris started an organization that served on basis of vocation and leadership. Therefore we invited independent key note speakers, that are not participating in the youth exchange program.  Captains of Industry, International Politicians and others to explain WHY diversity, inclusion and international experience are so important to become executives of global companies and leaders in world politics.

We invite you to our conference and CHALLENGE you to contribute to CHANGE: EMPOWER YOUTH. See you in Maastricht in September2020!