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Maastricht, the city where cultures meet

Aug 29, 2019 | Information, News

Visitors to Maastricht will find bustling streets, a lively international atmosphere, pavement cafés, good food and good shopping, along with 20 centuries of history, art, culture, historic buildings and tradition to match.

Maastricht’s wealth of churches, mansions and mediaeval shopping streets bear witness to its prosperous past, while the remains of the city walls and fortifications are relics of its more turbulent periods. Some 2,000 years ago it was an important Roman outpost called ‘Mosae Trajectum’, implying that it lay at the junction of the river Maas with roads leading to other Roman settlements. Merchants, farmers and traders gathered at this point and business prospered.

Today, Maastricht is a vibrant cultural, educational and political centre full of bon vivants. Ceramics, paper, beer and cement are its main products. Students from the six universities in the area add to the city’s vitality. The centre of Maastricht is declared a protected area, and walking is the best way to enjoy it.

On Sunday we will visit Maastricht and you will have ample opportunity to discover the city. ​