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During the digital EEMA we took a poll to see how participants felt about the future of EEMA conferences. Elly Scheepers, our Program Manager, made a resume of the poll:

How should we meet?
More than 50% of the participants think RYE will only survive if we can physically meet.
33% believes RYE can survive if we continue to meet in a digital way.
64% of the participants would like an old style conference.
35% would like a conference in a new style.

How long should we meet for?
A majority wants a more day conference. The request for a shorter conference is 40%.

If we combine the above I see a demand for a 2-3 day meeting where people can meet each other on location (Maastricht in 2021) together with a digital conference where people can attend online.

How many people would you like to meet?
The question about the amount of people you would like to meet shows 23% participating in large groups (more than 50 people).
Sessions with more than 50 people can be general sessions where we share information, the audience are mere listeners. This could be a broadcast. The majority of the replies ask for smaller meetings. Groupsize 10 to 25 is the most popular. This size is suitable for breakouts in which the group can discuss a certain topic in depth.

Another 20% would like to operate in small groups with less than 10 persons. We need to find out what kind of topics people are looking for.
This leads to another question: What are the subjects you want to discuss?

Special project

Please provide your input as it would be of great help to us. Feel free to reach out to Elly by email: